Welcome to Stellar Elementary

Going Above and Beyond

Stellar Elementary empowers children to own a dream and reach their star potential. Stellar Stars are grown through a rigorous instruction that meets every child where they are and then motivates them to achieve the highest expectations. At Stellar, we use various methodologies to foster mastery of state educational standards. The Kagan instructional approach offers one method to facilitate cooperative learning. All learners are accountable for participation and critical thinking, while focusing on classroom and team building techniques.

The Stellar campus is working toward brain-based, conceptually integrated instruction and we meet each week in our professional learning communities to collaborate, plan, address student needs and grow as educators. Stellar shares the collective belief with parents that it is our passion to inspire our students by nurturing independence and encouraging risk taking in a supportive, positive environment. Personal accountability is one part of the dynamic of seizing a dream and setting smart goals that build toward success. We encourage students to set goals that reflect their passions and then review and revise based on personal growth.

We value parents as learning partners and have a variety of options for parent volunteer involvement, including targeted reading time for direct student mentoring as well as various support opportunities.