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Ms. Phillipp-Crozier's Art Class


Welcome to the Stellar art room!  All students K-5 have art class at Stellar Elementary.  Students use a variety of medium including paint, oil pastels, papier-mache and clay.  We create both two-dimensional and three-dimensional art work.  Many of my lessons revolve around art history. I absolutely agree with Pablo Picasso that all children are artists, because I see the proof every day! 

Don't forget to visit our Stellar Elementary Online Gallery at you still need parent permission, contact Mrs. Crozier for your child's permission form.


The School Year Is Off To A Great Start In The Art Room!

We started the year making sketchbooks in 1st-5th grades, as is our tradition at Stellar.  Kindergarten is exploring the elements of art line and color and creating warm and cool color line paintings.  First graders are working on papier-mache snake sculptures and second graders are creating pencil sculptures.  Third graders are painting landscapes on paper plate looms that they will weave trees onto. Fourth grade is in the process of creating hand-painted clay tacos. Fifth graders are making colorful, symmetrical masks using aluminum tooling.  Make sure to keep a look out for art that will soon be filling the Stellar halls! 

                                 An Important Message about Fall Clay Club

Due to the fact that we had such a large number of students sign up for Fall Clay Club, Fall Clay Club participants were chosen through lottery.  Please check the bulletin board outside the art room for a list of participant.

 Check the bulletin board outside the art room for Spring Clay Club and Clay and Fibers participants. We did not have to draw names by lottery for either of these clubs so if you signed up, you are in!

  Thank you!