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Ms. Phillipp-Crozier's Art Class


Welcome to the Stellar art room!  All students K-5 have art class at Stellar Elementary.  Students use a variety of medium including paint, oil pastels, papier-mache and clay.  We create both two-dimensional and three-dimensional art work.  Many of my lessons revolve around art history. I absolutely agree with Pablo Picasso that all children are artists, because I see the proof every day! 

Don't forget to visit our Stellar Elementary Online Gallery at you still need parent permission, contact Mrs. Crozier for your child's permission form.


What's Happening in the Stellar Art Room

                             There are many projects being created in the art room.  Fifth graders are working on their Wire Action Sculptures and how to draw people and create sculpture people using correct human proportion.  Fourth graders have finished their Van-Gogh-inspired Clay Tile Landscapes and are now working on drawing buildings using two point perspective.  Third graders are learning how to draw themselves realistically and creating self-portraits.  Second graders painted warm and cool color paintings and then cut the paintings in strips and wove them together creating beautiful warm and cool painted paper weavings.  Earlier in the school year, first graders created woven paper houses.  Now they are working on their painted lions to decorate the hall for the upcoming circus.  Kindergarten recently finished their Alphabet paintings inspired by Jasper Johns and are working on fun painted snowmen.  You can see much of our Stellar art work in the Stellar halls and at our online Artsonia gallery