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Literacy Resources/Benchmarks

  • WANTED!  Reading Volunteers - (see attachment below to find out how you can help)
  • Reading Log for Reading Counts - (see attachedment below)
  • Use book expert online to find out if your book has a Reading Counts quiz.

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​Below you will find the Literacy Benchmark Rubric for each unit of study.

Unit 1 Messaging Meaning A study of fiction, retelling stories and describing characters, settings, and major events.

Unit 2 Finding the Features A study of fiction and nonfiction, explaining the difference between stories and informational texts.

Unit 3 Connecting Information A study of nonfiction, describing the connection between two individuals, events or ideas.

Unit 4 Descibing Details A study of fiction, identifying who is telling the story at various points and using illustrations and details to describe characters, setting, or events.

Unit 5 Destinguishing Details A study of nonfiction, distinguishing between information provided by pictures and words, using illustrations and details to describe key ideas.

Unit 6 Comparing and Contrasting Experiences A study of  fiction, comparing and contrasting the adventures and experiences of characters. 

Unit 7 Identifying Reasons and Comparing Details A study of two nonfiction texts on the same topic, identifying the reasons each author gives to support points in the text and comparing basic similarities and differences.

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