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Spelling Homework

Spelling (also known as Word Work) is the study of letter patterns and sounds they make.  When children are familiar with letter patterns and their sounds, they can apply that knowledge to spell other words.  

For example:  If I can spell (bag, tag, wag).  I can also spell (rag, drag, flag).

A new Spelling pattern begins every Thursday.  Tests will be on Wednesday.

On the test, students will be given the 8 words from the spelling list along with 3 star words to see if students can transfer using the spelling patterns for that week.

There are many was to practice the patterns represented in the given words.  As the week goes on, students should try to expand their practice of the pattern of other words.

Here are a few ways to support your child with Word Work at home:

  • Spelling City - Click to play fun spelling games online!
  • To access Spelling City  on a phone or tablet simply open your internet browser and type in Spelling City. Once there, search for Stellar1st. 
  • Spelling Activities -
  1. Trace/Copy/Recall
  2. Revearse Letter "Chaining"  
  3. Highlighting the "tricky" parts
  4. Concentration or "Matching Game.".  (See attachment below for directions and examples)
  5. Rainbow Writing
  6. Pyramid Writing
  7. Red Vowels
  8. Consonant Circles
  9. Color Writing
  10. Computer Writing
  11. ABC Order
  12. Word Search
  13. Rhymes Writing
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