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Unit 1: States of Matter

Students know...
  • states of matter (solid, liquid, gas)
  • unique properties of each state of matter
  • liquid doesn’t disappear when heated, it becomes a gas that will reappear as a liquid when cooled
Students understand...
  • matter exists in different states
  • addition or removal of heat from matter causes physical changes in state
Students can…
  • can identify the state of matter for a variety of objects
  • compare the states of matter of a variety of objects and substances
  • ask a testable question about the effects of heat energy on matter and design an investigation to explore the question [e.g. What will happen to water when it is exposed to different temperatures?]
  • explore and investigate the effects of adding or removing heat energy, collect data, and form conclusions about changing states of matter
  • explain how changes in energy (heat) affect states of matter