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Specials Supplies for In Person Learning

Art Class

This year for in-person art class, I would like you to bring a gallon sized freezer ziplock bag containing your own personal art supplies.  Please bring the following items:

-the sketchbook you received at the beginning of the year (if you did not receive one, paper will be provided)

- a pencil

- a pencil sharpener

-an eraser

- crayons


-glue or a glue stick

-student scissors

- a watercolor set (for example: Crayola Watercolors, 8 colors)

Optional supplies:  

- color pencils

Music Class

Please provide the following materials for music if you do not already have them for school.

  • White board

  • Dry erase marker, any color (1-2)

  • Eraser (this can be an actual eraser or small piece of cloth like wash rag or clean sock)

P.E. Class

  • Jump rope

    • To determine the correct size of jump rope, follow these directions:

      • Place jump rope under your feet and hold the handles up by your armpits, creating a U shape with the rope.

      • The rope should just reach your armpits. If the rope goes above your armpits, it is too big. If it does not  reach your armpits, it is too small.

  • Water Bottle

    • Students will not be able to use drinking fountains so they must bring a water bottle to P.E.

Some of the places that these items can be found are Walmart, Dollar Tree,  and Target. 

If you need help purchasing supplies and need assistance please contact Deborah Zolfi, Social Emotional Learning Teacher at (720)972-2392 or email

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