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ELD Classroom


Welcome back to School!

As we start the new school year at Stellar, ELD teachers will be busy testing new students and creating our new classes. Our school is privilege to service a wide range of students with many language and cultural backgrounds.    Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions regarding ELD services at our school. 

Latest News

September Updates

Posted: 09/26/2018
Our ELL classes have been in session for a month! We have been studying the language of asking and answering questions. We are using a strategy called RACE. This is a school-wide strategy that helps all our students with constructive responses... Read More

ELD Students are Using SeeSaw!

Posted: 01/16/2018
Hello Everyone, Our ELD classes from 2nd to 5th grade are using a new learning tool called SeeSaw.  This tool allows our students to publish their work electronically and keep an electronic portfolio of their work in the ELD class. However, this is... Read More