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Mathematics Resources

The following resources are available to help support your child in math:

  • EM4 at Home: Online access to Everyday Math 4 Home Links and Family Letters
  • Khan Academy: Online resource for math practice (Be sure to log in to Gmail first. Then log in to Khan via Google.)
  • ConnectEd: Online Everyday Math 4 resource for students to access Home Links, assignments, games. 
  • Everyday Math Family Letters: Please see attachment below to access the letter for our current unit
Document(s)SizeUpload Date
PDF icon Unit 1 Family Letter.pdf1.25 MB07/31/2018
PDF icon Unit 2 Family Letter.pdf1.06 MB07/31/2018
PDF icon Unit 3 Family Letter.pdf1.03 MB07/31/2018
PDF icon Unit 4 Family Letter.pdf964.31 KB07/31/2018
PDF icon Unit 5 Family Letter.pdf996.51 KB07/31/2018
PDF icon Unit 6 Family Letter.pdf924.57 KB07/31/2018
PDF icon Unit 7 Family Letter.pdf1.23 MB07/31/2018
PDF icon Unit 8 Family Letter.pdf1.29 MB07/31/2018