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We are learning!

Here is the content that 1st Graders are learning currently:


  • Unit 4 Descibing Details A study of fiction, identifying who is telling the story at various points and using illustrations and details to describe characters, setting, or events.

Writing -

  • Unit 4 Opinion Writing: Write an opinion piece in which I introduce the topic or name the book I am writing about, state my opinion, supplying reasons for the opinion, and provide some sense of closure.

Science -

  • Unit 2 - Solids and Liquids: A study of the unique properties of solids and liquids. Concept: Cause and Effect, Change

MathUnit 5 - Place Value and Comparisons: The study of the value of symbolic two-digit numbers and addition and subtraction of two-digit numbers through the lens of attending to precise language and reasoning abstractly and quantitatively.