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Unit 2: Life Cycles (October-December)

Students know...
  • all plants and animals have a cycle of birth, growth, reproduction, and death in common

  • offspring inherit traits from their parents and resemble both their parents and siblings.

  • strategies to evaluate and compare data

Students understand...
  • similarities and differences in life cycles among organisms.

  • organisms reproduce, grow, develop and differentiate in predictable patterns

Students can…
  • sequence stages of a life cycle of:

    • flowering plants

    • animals (not humans)

    • insects

  • predict what will happen to the species if one part of the life cycle is removed

  • ask a testable question and collect data about the cycles of a variety of organisms (e.g. mealworms, butterflies, plants)

  • compare and contrast the different needs of an organism in various stages in the life cycle