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Social Studies

Social Studies Unit 3 Investigating Geological Problems

Runs December 2019 -February 2020

Vector Polygon World Map

Summary Statement: A study of geographic based problems and how communities respond.

Focus Standards

History 1. Use a variety of sources to distinguish historical fact from fiction.

1.a Compare factual historical sources with works of fiction about the same topic. (DOK 1-2)

1.b Use a variety of historical sources including artifacts, pictures and documents to help define factual historical evidence. (DOK 1-2)

1.c Compare information from multiple sources recounting the same event. 

Geography 1. Use various types of geographic tools to develop spatial thinking.

1.d Identify geography-based problems and examine the ways that people have tried to solve them. 

Civics 1. Respecting the views and rights of others is a key component of a democratic society.

1.b Identify important economic and personal rights and how they relate to others. 

Civics 2. The origins, structure, and functions of local government.

2.a Identify the origins, structure, and functions of local government.

2.b Identify and explain the services local governments provide and how those services are funded. 

2.c Identify and explain a variety of roles leaders, citizens, and others play in local government.