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Social Studies

Social Studies Unit 1: Our Democratic Community

Runs August-September 2020

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Summary Statement:  A study of how democratic communities solve problems through civil discourse.

Focus Standards

Civics Standard 1: Respecting the views and rights of others is a key component of a democratic society.

1.a Identify and apply the elements of civil discourse elements to include but not limited to listening with respect for understanding and speaking in a respectful manner. (DOK 1-3)

1.b Identify important economic and personal rights and how they relate to others. (DOK 1-2)

1.c Give examples of the relationship between rights and responsibilities. (DOK 1-2)

Civics Standard 2: The origins, structure, and functions of local government.

2.a Identify the origins, structure, and functions of local government. (DOK 1)

2.b Identify and explain the services local governments provide and how those services are funded.  (DOK 1-2)

2.c Identify and explain a variety of roles leaders, citizens, and others play. (DOK 1-2)

Key Vocabulary:  rights, responsibilities, local government, civil discourse, taxes, mayor, city council, city hall, citizen