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We Just Kicked Off Kids Heart Challenge!

Our school has officially started Kids Heart Challenge with the American Heart Association. Most schools can only earn 3 heart hero characters right away, but because our school is such a great supporter of Kids Heart Challenge, our students can earn them ALL instantly when students sign up online or CLICK HERE to View our School and SIGN UP or by downloading the Kids Heart Challenge app in the App Store (search Kids Heart Challenge), available for iPhone and Android.

Stellar Elementary has taken a very special and exciting challenge! Any student who raises at least $100 to help us save lives will get to an extra 30 mins of PE after the event! Thank you for helping this important mission and also learning how you can keep your heart healthy too!

Once you register online, be sure to send texts or post to Facebook to spread the word and save even more lives!

Watch the heart-healthy experience that students are having at school!

Here’s how it works: 

·       Download the APP- KIDS HEART CHALLENGE

·       Earn our official Wristband just for registering and taking a healthy challenge!

·       Stellar Elementary School’s Kids Heart Challenge event day is: 12/19/2019

·       Donations are due: 12/19/2019