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Drop-off/ Pick-up Procedures

Morning Drop-off and Afternoon pick-up:

With the current restrictions we are strongly discouraging parents from using park-n-pick and congregating at the flag pole or in front of the school at this time.  We realize that the hug-n-go lanes can be quite long and we are making every effort to keep it running smoothly.  Ultimately, our goal is to keep our kids, families, and staff safe.

If you have a Kindergartener, 4th, or 5th Grader please drop-off and pick up in the bus lane hug-n-go located on the North side of the building.  We are asking that you park in the perimeter of the church parking lot to allow for a better flow of traffic (and allowing buses to enter).  In the morning we will hold cars starting at 7:55am to allow buses to enter the bus lane first, then families will be directed to  file in behind them.  In the afternoon please do not enter the bus lane until all three buses have entered, then you may file in behind. This is the same process as last year. 

If you have a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grader please drop off and pick up your child in the west side hug-n-go lane. 

Please note the grade levels in each hug-n-go have changed.  For families with multiple children, they will meet at the youngest child’s designated area. This will be the new model for this year.  We appreciate your cooperation and patience in this pick-up process.