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Scholastic Reading Counts

Reading is the key that will open the door to a student's education.  All students need to develop strong reading skills that they will use every day, in and out of school. Stellar Elementary is excited about another year using Scholastic Reading Counts! program.

The goals of the program are simple:

Promote Reading

Reading more books and developing a lifelong love for reading are important to a student's success.

Improve Test Scores

Independent reading has a positive impact on student achievement, which has even been demonstrated on certain standardized tests.  The more a student reads, the better he/she is likely to perform.

Develop Language Arts Skills

Reading develops and promotes comprehension, vocabulary knowledge, and writing skills that students will use in all subject areas.

Students will select and read a wide variety of books independently or as part of a group.  After reading, the student will take a computerized quiz that will assess whether the student completed and understood the book.  With the help from the Scholastic Reading Counts! Management system, a record will be kept of the student's reading and performance on the quizzes through points. Incentives will be used to keep students working toward their goals. 

Thank you for your support of Reading Counts and the Stellar Library.